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Mayo Clinic Minutes feature general health and wellness tips as well as the latest in medical research news.

Alzheimer’s disease treatment

Causes and remedies for thumb arthritis

Why whole grains are the healthier choice

What causes kidney stones

Eating before bedtime

Treating gynecologic cancers

How Moh’s surgery is used to fight skin cancer

Teens and mental health issues

Ideas for improving herb flavor

Surgical options for back pain

Revamping your plate to avoid processed foods

Quality of life discussion for cancer patients

Ovarian cancer

Microbiome DNA

Lung restoration

Long QT syndrome

Men’s health prostate screening

NSAIDs and heart damage


Quitting smoking now can add years, quality of life

Smoking and pharmacogenomics

Teens and anxiety

How cutting calories helps your heart

Heart disease prevention

Women’s heart attack symptoms vary

Should older people take statins

Winter skin protection tips

Eye problems and aging

What you need to know about cholesterol

Women and Heart Disease

Advance directive

The importance of deciding to be an organ donor while you’re still alive

Awareness under anesthesia

Artificial intelligence in health care

What pregnant women need to know about heart health

Why skinny doesn’t always mean heart-healthy

Microbiome research

Eating disorders affect males and minorities too

Benefits of stretching

Adult eye exams


Why dogs help your heart

Safety tips to keep you out of the ER this winter

Teen sleep hygiene

Sleep and your heart

Dirtiest things

Teen sleep habits

The many benefits of petroleum jelly


Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

HPV Vaccine

Watson clinical trial matching program

Rotator cuff injury

How a colonoscopy can prevent colon cancer

An inside look at colonoscopy advances

Colorectal cancer screening and polyps

Bile duct cancer

Who is at high risk for lung cancer

Diabetes awareness

Integrative medicine during cancer care

Epilepsy treatment

How optimism improves health

Breast cancer risk for men

5 tips for cooking with healthier oils

Mayo Clinic Diet

Get Smart About Smoothies

4 Ideas For Smarter Shopping

Ideas For A Heart-Healthy Diet

STI’s Among Seniors

Why Carrots Should Be In Your Crisper

What Is Frostbite

Treating The Stomach Flu

Wrist Injury Study

Avoiding Frostbite

Living Organ Donation

Benefits Of Beets

Common Foot Problems

HALT Before You Snack

Vitamin D

Lymphedema Risk Study

Living Organ Donation

Peeling Into The Health Benefits Of Bananas

What Is Walking Pneumonia

The Upsides Of Frozen Fruits And Vegetables

The Downside Of Sugary Drinks

The ABCDE Melanoma Check

Why Do Onions Make Us Cry